A long love story between Mia, Fabrics, Blouses, Tailored Garments and Fashion understood as Charm, Refinement, Casual Elegance, Quality and Comfort: always the keywords of MIASŌ Garments.
In this capsule that accompanies us in what is Spring, the season of rebirth, we find colors inspired by the natural material of the earth: in the pure silk crepe de chine that dress blouses and shirts to be worn always.
In the canvas or linen fabrics of impeccably cut blazers.
In fine fabrics with distinctive textures and patterns for dresses.
A collection of garments to live in, to wear by day by night, to love and make your own!
The design has been enriched with attention to detail to address custum made design of exclusive pieces for a more discerning clientele.
It is a design based on Research and Uniqueness.
A choice dictated by personality and elegance.
Happy Spring together with MIASŌ !
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