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There are shoes that have entered the history of costume, true cult objects that have been able to withstand the test of time.

Created by master "dream shoemakers" all united by one quality, that of having become a classic capable of evoking timeless elegance.

The moccasin has been a symbol of Made in Italy excellence since the 1950s, just remember the famous Gucci moccasin now back in vogue.

A casual and practical elegance, just like for the blouses, Miasō's shoe collection is defined by a classic line to wear season after season. Made with the same craftsmanship and the same attention to detail as the blouses.

These moccasins are made in the place that symbolizes value and quality as well as tradition.

The choice of the moccasin comes from my style, from what I have learned to love over time and that I have the pleasure of always wearing, the same pleasure as when I see it worn by my 20-year-old daughter or by women of great style such as Viviana Volpicella, Ines de la Fressange or my beautiful easy chic clients.

Loafers can be used for any type of activity whether it's going to work, going out at night, taking the kids to school, they are a distinctive sign of personality!

Miasō's personality meets yours.