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S/S 21

FEW PIECES that really conquer us!

Among these, the JACKETS, with a precious workmanship and deluxe tailoring details. Authentic must-haves to have without hesitation.

From a men's uniform to a real fashion fetish garment, the Blazer has become one of the cornerstones of every woman's daily wardrobe.

I wore the blazer from high school, put on my father's tailored jackets that I still have and now my daughter is wearing too!

With this Blazer capsule I wanted to recover and reinvent this clothing must in a luxurious, artisanal and seasonless key.

For this first edition I have chosen two double-breasted models proposed in different fabrics. In thick linen, in elastic cotton, in silk and in silk and wool. As always, quality fabrics, ultra-tailoring in a modern key, precious details for the interiors and finishes so it will be a real pleasure to wear them but also just look at them!

Minimal and refined, the double-breasted blazer is a classic garment that you can wear season after season. It has a relaxed silhouette with lightly padded shoulders and clean lapels. Balances the shape of the body allowing and embellishing any type of combination.

Before choosing the right laboratory to collaborate with, I did several sample tests that were not all successful because they were not in line with my quality standards.

I then had the good fortune to avail myself of the precious collaboration of a Roman workshop specialized in outerwear that works for Max Mara and Dolce Gabbana. The owner Aurelia, whom I already knew from work done together in the past, is a lady of about 60 who loves beauty and well done. She fell in love with me with this project expressed in timeless garments of quality, design, research, and non-homologation. It has been skilfully packaged following all the steps by hand as the tradition of true tailoring dictates that makes a garment unique.

Jackets to always wear!