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I've been wearing the blazer since high school, I used to put on my father's tailored jackets that I still keep and my daughter wears now! Versatile and sophisticated, the blazer is a wardrobe-solving garment that makes all the difference in style.
I wanted with this Blazer capsule to recover and reinvent this clothing must-have in a luxurious, handcrafted, tailored and seasonless key. To be lived, loved and worn season after season.
I was then lucky enough to have the invaluable collaboration of a professional patternmaker and a Roman workshop specializing in outerwear that works with the same philosophy of quality as we do. The owner Aurelia, whom I already knew from work done together in the past, is a lady of about 60 years old who loves beautiful and well-made clothes. She fell in love with me with this project expressed in timeless garments, in fine fabrics, design, research, and not homologation. Garments to keep in our wardrobe.
It was skillfully made following all the steps by hand in the tradition of true tailoring that makes a garment unique. Style, cut, tailoring, fabrics, and accessories are the success of these Blazers taken care of in every detail. Those who love the Blazer cannot remain indifferent to this proposal.
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Pleated Blouse

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Pleated Blouse

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