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About Us

Mia Sorrentino, designer of Neapolitan origins, founded MIASŌ in Rome in 2016. Fulcrum of the Brand is a kaleidoscopic proposal of blouses that range from iconic and sophisticated creations in pure silk to shirts with a contemporary design in fresh cotton and other natural fabrics.

Mia Sorrentino's vision for fashion was formed in the Neapolitan tailoring school, an institution universally recognized for style, elegance and quality.

The company maintains its identity as an atelier, where tailoring, perfect wearability, refined design and experimentation come together to create a unique product, with attention to the smallest details, made with fine fabrics made in Italy and chosen personally by the designer.

The daily stylistic experience lived in the laboratory atelier in close contact with the seamstresses and customers are a precious heritage for the brand which, together with continuous experimentation, mixes up in each new collection always different feelings and essences.

The MIASŌ blouse was born from the idea of ​​celebrating the modern woman: strong, committed, sophisticated, who loves to express her mood with passion.

Making women aware of their femininity by helping to make them feel more attractive is the goal of MIASŌ. The ability to listen to her winning recipe.

I design for women, to make them feel the better version of themselves, to make them glamour, beautiful, charming.
Mia Sorrentino

1. Research

We are constantly evolving on style trends while maintaining the brand identity.

2. Tailoring

The precision of the cut the experience modeling is the result of fit of the blouses Miasò realized by Italian seamstresses highly qualified.

3. Quality

Quality is expressed in the search for the best Italian fabrics, in the study of the combination of fabric/pattern, care attention to manufacturing.

4. Exclusivity

Each collection has a niche production aimed at a woman aware of her style in which she wants to recognize herself...

5. Sensations

Each collection is born from a feeling, the power of femininity, which arouses emotions in women who wear Miasō.