Elegance, sophistication, unique and fine fabrics, comfort and femininity: always the key words of MIASŌ blouses and garments.
In this capsule is expressed in the light and soft fabrics, in the patterns that seem to be hand-painted in the models to wear during the day in the city or on vacation.
Crepe de chine, gauze, voile, linen, natural fabrics that immerse us in a summer context to be lived in lightness.
A summer to be worn through the colors, the patterns of the more or less low-cut Dresses without forgetting a slipped Blazer to be worn nonchalantly over the shoulders.
The design has been enriched with attention to detail to turn to a custum made design of exclusive pieces for a more attentive clientele. It is a design based on Research and Uniqueness.
A choice dictated by personality and elegance.
Have a great summer together with MIASŌ!
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PERFECT Chiffon blouse with foliage pattern

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PERFECT Chiffon blouse with foliage pattern

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