FW 2019/20

The ingredients of this collection for winter 2019/20 arise from a cocktail of inspiration: The creative process as I often say, is a continuous flow of ideas of inspirations that come from my surroundings, memories, curiosity for the new, and love for history and culture. The meeting of these elements is expressed in the search for natural fibers, fabrics processed in italy with a special interest in the environment and our body wearing them. The artisanal attention to details and small processing and distribution, an aspect that has always distinguished us, that is the desire to satisfy our customers who love limited edition garments. The desire to experiment with new ideas while respecting our DNA without therefore forgetting the energy and excitement that colors give me and the discovery of unusual combinations as in the COLOR BLOCK blouse or the BLACK COGNAC blouse or even in the combination of classic mother-of-pearl buttons in oversized sizes paired with fabrics in metallic tones as in the MADREPERLA BLOUSE.

There is no shortage of men's shirts both in a metallic satin version and in a rock version in black silk twill .And then of course the chiffon statement of feminine personality, with wide sleeves and seductive transparencies A collection to wear, shirt or blouse, in different situations according to one's interpretation and desire to mix. Few essential pants my always in black crepe, brick wool, and gray pinstripes of masculine inspiration in cropped or straight long versions.

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