S/S 2019

The new SS 19 Miasō Collection is titled "Wind Rose," a proposal of blouses and dresses that catapult you to vacation spots and the sea. The collection is a poem about light luggage, blurred portraits, wind in your hair, fabrics that move to the rhythm of a breath. A collection with spontaneous, natural chic, with a reserved sensuality, to enjoy the moment of sunset, the shades of dawn and urban landscapes lightly.

With this collection I staged myself, the love for the islands with its warm climate the fuzzy memories of summers past, the desire to get rid of the superfluous, the shades of colors ranging from sunrise to sunset. The pure white of cotton as nostalgia for childhood, the flowers and rosy palettes of clothing colors as the watercolor landscapes of vacation homes. The feeling of freedom of wearing flowing soft delicate dresses to experience our summer emotions.
And the wind stirs the clouds, ruffles the trees. The spread sheets dance sinuously, the sound of the shutters vibrating.

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PERFECT Chiffon blouse with foliage pattern

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PERFECT Chiffon blouse with foliage pattern

10 minutes ago From Naples